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Faith Formation

Faith Formation

At the heart of everything we do is our Catholic faith. It shapes how we teach and permeates everything we do within and beyond the classroom. Learning what it means to be a Christian in general, and a Catholic in particular, distinguishes our students from their counterparts — it goes far beyond academics. The faith we help build as parents and educators will serve our children not only in this life, but the next, and it is by far the most important thing we do. Through daily prayer, religious instruction, and regular attendance and participation in Mass, your child will come to know Jesus Christ and His ever-faithful love for us.  There is no greater gift you can give your child than an excellent education that includes faith formation.

Faith Formation occurs not only in the classroom daily through traditional lessons, but is also accomplished through living out our school’s spiritual and social life.
Our patroness, St. Patricia, teaches us to stay true to ourselves and God. We celebrate Mass together as a school, attend Mass weekly with our classroom peers, and pray at the start and finish of each day. St. Patricia School is filled with the spirit of our Lord.


Sacraments are for the Church, by the Church and for the Church. Through the Sacraments, Christ’s actions are at work through the mission of the Holy Spirit. Parents have the primary privilege and responsibility of faith formation for their children. In support in working with the parents and the parish community, we play an integral part of the formation and preparation for the reception of Reconciliation (Confession), First Holy Communion and Confirmation leading up to the reception of the Sacraments within the parish community. These graced Sacramental celebrations are memorable, intimate, and truly special for our students and families alike.