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The Benefits of a Catholic Education

The Benefits of a Catholic Education

Incorporating Faith Into the Classroom.

We incorporate Catholic spirituality into every aspect of our curriculum, reinforcing to students that their personal faith, centered on the Eucharist and the sacraments, remains relevant regardless of the course they might be studying or the situation in which they might find themselves.

Balancing Challenging Academics with a Nurturing Environment.

Our caring teachers balance high expectations for each boy or girl with a genuine respect and love for that student, recognizing always that each child is unique and therefore ever-deserving of individualized attention and one-on-one focus.

Collaborating with Families.

Understanding that many parents work, and some may even work multiple jobs, our teachers and school leadership do their best to maintain proactive, candid and open communication with each student’s family because learning doesn’t stop at the edge of the schoolyard, nor is it where it begins. We are a family at St. Patricia and we work together to achieve success.

Achieving Ahead of Your Peers.

Methodically prepared by their teachers and lovingly supported by mothers, fathers and family members who saw Catholic education as a sensible investment in their future, our former students consistently achieve ahead of their peers in the high schools and colleges of their choice, with many earning valuable scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars.