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Spring Play News

**UPDATE 4/2/2020**

To all our Frozen Jr. Cast, Kids Cast and Crew Members,

As today would have been Opening Night, we wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and are just as disappointed that we are not all getting ready (and panicking!) today. For now, the show is still postponed but we wanted to acknowledge this day.

We are so proud of all of you! We realize the hard work you have put into your roles … lines, singing and, especially this year, dancing. We know it took courage to come to auditions. Some of you got your dream role and some of you may have been disappointed but by the time real rehearsals started everyone embraced the roles they were given and put their hearts and souls into them. How happy you all were to come to rehearsals and to spend time together. We can’t forget the memories that were made – until we couldn’t make any more – for the time being! We must take care of each other and everything else will fall in to place.

Most importantly, do not be disappointed in yourselves. You were giving your all! Again, we could not be prouder of the casts and crew of St. Patricia’s 17th Annual 2020 Spring Play – Frozen Jr.!

Love you all,

Mrs. Scialo and Mrs. Campbell

P.S. Mrs. Campbell finished her last chemotherapy on the 31st so will be even more energetic once we start back up. Thank you all, parents and St. Patricia staff included, who supported her during this time!