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St. Patricia Updated Remote Learning Information 4-20-2020

Please click here to read Mrs. Nowinski’s Letter to Parents sent on 4/19/2020 in entirety. 

In light of the Governor’s order, we will be Remote Learning for the remainder of the school year, June 5th. Below are a few adjustments made to accommodate Remote Learning as we move toward the completion of the third Trimester of school.

Remote Learning will take place Monday-Thursday with teachers being available from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 12:45 pm- 2:00 pm. Fridays will be Catch-Up Day. Students may use Fridays to catch-up on their work, view videos, complete any Spanish, PE, music, art, or computer work, or just take some time to read. The teachers and I will use Fridays to complete Professional Development and plan for the next week of Remote Learning.


Grading Policy as per the Archdiocese and St. Patricia School:

Grades will be posted in PowerSchool. Formal attendance will not be taken during this time. If a student completes their work and turns it in through the method the teacher prescribes, students will receive one of the following grades:

A – 93-100%   Excellent

B – 85-92%     Good

C – 75-84%     Average

Pass                Completed

Incomplete      Missing work, below-average work

Student participation is expected, and assignments will be graded using the above system. Teachers will communicate which assignments will be graded. An incomplete grade can be assigned for two reasons. First, a student that does not complete or is missings an assignment will be given an incomplete. Second, a student that submits an assignment that does not meet the learning expectations will receive an incomplete with feedback and an opportunity to redo and resubmit the assignment. Upon our return to school, a remediation period will occur so students have a chance to finish any tasks that were not completed during Remote Learning.

If students have not turned in their assignments and have not contacted the teacher, parents will be contacted. Communication must stay open between the student, teacher, and parents.

The third Trimester ends on May 28th, 2020 and report cards will go home on June 5th, 2020. Report cards will be either sent electronically through PowerSchool or the post office.

To see your child’s progress, please log onto PowerSchool. If you have any questions about grades, assignments, report cards, please contact your child’s teacher.

If your child is having a difficult time doing their assignments, using the Internet, or does not have access to a computer, it is imperative that you contact your child’s teacher. We have accommodations available to assist your child in participating in school.

**Any student that was already failing two core subjects before the school went to Remote Learning must complete tutoring or a summer program before being promoted to the next grade in the fall.



Our students have been doing a fantastic job at completing i-Ready modules. Thank you. Please note that there will be a final i-Ready test toward the end of April. As soon as the date becomes available and the testing is open, I will let you know. On those testing days, students would only need to log into i-Ready, the testing protocol will be there automatically. It is important to note that students MUST take the test on their own to receive an accurate report of the student’s progress. All future i-Ready learning modules will be based on the efficacy of the progress test.


Primary Student’s work and assignments

Since our Primary Students in grades Pre-K – 3rd do not have access to a Google email account, our teachers have asked that parents fill out a daily worksheet and sign off on it. With Remote Learning lasting for the remainder of the school year, Primary teachers need to begin checking in that work. Some parents have scanned and emailed their child’s work; however, this was not possible for all.

On Thursday, April 23rd, 2020, from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm, we are offering an opportunity for you to drop off your child’s work at school. There will be bins placed in the parking lot labeled with each grade. You may drive up and place your child’s work with the signature report (please place work in an envelope or secured folder) in the correct grade’s bin. The teacher will then retrieve the work and give feedback after reviewing it. If this date and times are not convenient, you may also send the work via USPS to the teacher. Contact the teacher for the address.



Do not worry about your child’s academic standing at this time. All students across the US are doing the same type of learning as your child. It is a level playing field whether your child will be going from 3rd grade to 4th or 8th grade to high school.  When physical school is finally able to occur, our teachers, being the professionals that are, will adjust and create an environment where all students will learn and progress despite the COVID-19 virus. The goal for all of us is to keep their minds active and their brains growing.



Finally, I want to congratulate our students, teachers, and parents for successfully moving to an e-Learning/Remote Learning environment on such short notice. This has not been easy for anyone, but you have all completed four weeks beautifully. Thank you for all your patience as we continue to work out the glitches. This is a new frontier for us all.


Thank you for all your continued support. I am so proud of all our St. Patricia family and I miss you. Keep up the great work. Be healthy, pray, be kind, and be safe.


Mrs. Nowinski

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