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SPS 2nd Trimester Honor Roll

Congratulations to all our hard-working students listed below! Keep up the excellent work!

5th Grade “A” Honors

Preston B.

Abi I.

Ryan Mc.

Liliana P

Helena P.

Oscar S.

Cecelia S.

5th Grade “B” Honors

Patrick D.

Aleksandra D.  

Julia M.

Evelyn S.

Nicole Z.

6th Grade “A” Honors

Iris A.

Victoria C.

Maja G.

Julia G.

Anna K.

Vivienne L.

Scartlett V.

Emily Z.

6th Grade “B” Honors

Michal B.

Katelyn D.

Henry I.

7th Grade “A” Honors

Callie C. 

Joanna C.

Daniel D.

Jesus G.

Oliver R.

Isaac V. 

7th Grade “B” Honors

Blessie C.

Ximena R.

Gabriela S.

8th Grade “A” Honors

Marta B.

Emily C. 

Paulina G.

Lily I.

Anthony J.

Ana K.

Xantana L.

Addison N.

Dimitri P.

Glorija R.

Nia R. 

Dominic T.

Gabriela W. 

8th Grade “B” Honors

Anna O.

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