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Early Bird Tickets

Beginning September 10, 2019 through September 24, 2019 Early Bird Pricing will be in effect. $40 per ticket for General Admission, $35 Senior Admission, and $25 DesignatedDriver.  You can purchase in the School Office, the Rectory, or via our Secure Online Ticket Page.

Online Ticket Sales are only available for Early Bird and General Admission.  Please purchase Senior and Designated Driver Discount Tickets in person. Thank you!

Entertainment and Dining

It is our pleasure to announce that Sweet Escape Live are ready to take the St. Patricia Stage once again for 2019!  This year, the band will be performing throughout the evening for the enjoyment of all attending.

We are also incredibly happy to annouce that Chuck’s Southern Comforts Cafe will be serving a unique selection of Heavy H’ors Devourves.  As a special treat, Head Chef and Owner Chuck will be bringing BBQ equipment on site to serve Smoked Chicken Legs.  Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Spirits of the Season FAQ's

Q: I don’t like beer; can I swap my beer tasting for something different?
A: Yes! Beer and Wine tasting will be interchangeable. You create the tasting evening to fit your preferences.

Q: I don’t drink Whiskey; do I have to sample it?
A: Whiskey tastings are optional, a bonus for some and a pass for others. Whiskey tasting tickets are not exchangeable with beer and wine tickets.

Q: I am a vegetarian, will there be a food option for me to enjoy?
A. Yes! Chuck’s Southern Comfort Café is catering our delicious hearty hors d’oeuvres. There will be a vegetarian and gluten free option available.

Q: I don’t drink alcohol, why should I come to Spirits of the Season?
A: Spirits of the Season is an evening supporting St. Patricia School and our commitment towards providing a faith based education for current and future students. Not only will delicious, hearty hors d’oeuvres be served and non-alcoholic beverages available, but also a wide array of unique Silent Auctions items will be on display to bid on. Raffle Item tickets will go on sale soon in the School Office to enter to win one of our exciting prizes, including a Smart 4k Ultra HD 50” TV. Not to mention a wonderful way to connect with friends, neighbors, and catch up on parish happenings.

Q: What will I be receiving for my $50 donation Admission Ticket, that seems like a lot to pay for a night out?
A: At Spirits of the Season you have the option of sampling 4 red wines, 4 white wines, 4 craft beer selections, and 1 artisan whiskey varieties, all out of your very own souvenir tasting glass. If you were out at a restaurant or brewery these tastings would add up to over $35. Added to that, there will be an assortment of delectable food items from Chuck’s Southern Comfort Café, such as Pulled Pork Sliders, Chicken Tinga Tostadas, and much more. Also included with your ticket donation are unlimited soft drinks, coffee, and water. Overall, the value for the evening far exceeds $50, while giving you the opportunity to make a difference in our community by supporting St. Patricia School, future generations of Bobcats, and Catholic Education.

Q: I’m worried about the amount of alcohol at the event.
A: We hear your concerns, and St. Patricia supports responsible drinking. There are a limited amount of Designated Driver Tickets available for a discount price on sale.

Q: I am so excited to come and have a great time at Spirits of the Season! Where can I purchase my tickets?
A: Tickets are on sale at the School Office, Rectory, and after Mass on Saturdays and Sundays. Click here for secure online ticket sales. We can’t wait to see you at Spirits of the Seasons!