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Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2019

Statistics have shown that reading during the summer greatly benefits a child’s progress in the upcoming school year.  Reading with your child or having your child read independently for ten or fifteen minutes a day is a good habit to get into. We have decided as a school to require each student at every grade level to incorporate reading into his/her summer schedule.

We encourage you to visit the Green Hills Public Library, or your local library, this summer and participate in the many activities offered especially the summer reading program. The librarians look forward to helping you and your children select books that will be just right for them to read. They are there for you when you need many wonderful suggestions for books that may be of interest to your child.

Remember, no matter how old your children are, everyone loves to be read to!

We hope you and your family will read many stories this summer and reap all of the wonderful benefits that reading has to offer!